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Cedar Jet Travel and CruiseCedarJet Travel Group is a leading Australian travel agency, with a specialization in travel to the Middle East. Moving through a series of incarnations in the 1970s, the company began trading as CedarJet Travel in 1982. The company’s premier position in the travel industry was further enhanced through the purchase of Choice Travel in the mid-2000s. Today, CedarJet’s services include global travel opportunities, corporate travel and Australian domestic travel and other related services.

Despite its global scope, the company’s name continues to invoke the imagery of Lebanon’s national motif, the famous cedar tree. This reflects CedarJet’s roots and its position as the agency for choice for the Australian-Arab community. Drawing on its trusted position within the community, CedarJet has regularly being awarded as a premier and preferred partner for Emirates, Eithad, Gulf Air and Malaysian and various other carriers travelling to the Middle East region.

Despite a competitive and rapidly changing commercial environment, CedarJet remains at the forefront of the travel industry with its dedication to service, its exceptional access to competitive fares and its decades of experience as a premier service provider.

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